opposition [n1] obstruction, antagonism action, antinomy, antithesis, aversion, brush, civil disobedience, clash, combat, competition, con, conflict, confronting, contention, contest, contradistinction, contraposition, contrariety, counteraction, counterattack, defense, defiance, disapproval, duel, encounter, engagement, fray, grapple, hostility, negativism, obstructiveness, opposure, oppugnancy, prevention, repugnance, repulsion, resistance, rivalry, skirmish, strife, struggle, unfriendliness, violation, war, warfare; concepts 29,92,106,665 —Ant. compatibility, harmony, peace opposition [n2] person, people competing adversary, antagonist, disputant, enemy, foe, iconoclast, opponent, other side, rebel, rival; concepts 348,366 —Ant. team, teammates

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